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Thursday, December 14, 2006

blog time lacking

Yes, I have been silent on my own blog lately, mostly because of the demands of the season.

Last night DH and I finally put our tree up and decorated it. So far, the cats have just been sniffing at the ornaments, and have not felt a need to knock them off and bat them around. Pooter likes to scratch his head on one of them, but that's about all.

There were two annual congregational business meetings to prepare for, lots of interesting pastoral conversations in which to engage, as well as the usual worship preparation tasks and so on. There are a few other nagging tasks to get done, like updating one church's website. Tomorrow night is a church-related gathering; Saturday night there's a community oriented Holiday Party.

One thing for which I am very grateful is that I haven't had any snow to shovel. That always adds time to my day when it has to happen.

But I have all of my worship bulletins for the next two weeks almost totally prepared, and I go on vacation from Dec 25 through Jan 1, yippee! Boy am I looking forward to that. But then there will be tons to do to usher in the new year.

Next week I will have some shopping to do, but not much. There will be a simple meal to prepare for probably only 3 people Christmas Day, DH, her mom and myself, Chicken and dressing, green beans or broccoli casserole, mashed potatoes, gravy, a pie or two. Hopefully we can watch Christmas movies all day and have a nice fire in the fireplace. I will call my family later in the day. I am looking forward to hibernating ...


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