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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Did Jesus ....

Do you suppose Jesus totally gave up carpentry and being a handy-man type of guy [a tekton in Greek] after his baptism, after his ministry began? Did he occasionally build a shelf for someone in need, and the evangelists didn't tell us because that didn't fit within their priorities/agenda? [I can hear Luke now --"Hmmm, maybe we better leave out what he said that time he hit his thumb at that widow's house ..."] Maybe when Jesus weekended with the Bethany crew, he helped Lazarus repair the yoke for the family oxen, pointing out that, while this yoke was pretty heavy, Jesus' yoke was light ... and Lazarus said, "Yes, but we've got a garden to plant, if you and your friends want anything to eat the next time you visit."

I wonder if occasionally the apostles had to drop a net, even when they were carrying the Gospel to the farthest reaches of earth as they knew it at the time ... did Matthew do bookkeeping on the side? [Who is the patron saint of bookkeepers, by the way? I really, really need to know! Prayers --maybe even a special Mass of Intention-- are in order.]

Paul evidently supported his ministry by making tents ...

I'm just asking because, today, instead of herding cats for Jesus, I'll be out in the backyard herding leaves for our house. Notice I said herding, NOT raking --there are too many, the time is too short before the snow flies and the backyard grass is in danger. The plan is to use the riding lawn mower to move the leaves against the back fence, which is shady and has no grass to kill anyhow. We did indeed used to have a leaf blower, but it gave up the ghost when DH was using it to clean up the front and side yards, and it lies dead on the workbench in the garage.

Friday is, of course, my day off, when I would normally do this type of thing --but Friday the weather is supposed to be nasty, not good for herding leaves since the rain and snow mix would make them heavy and sticky, more difficult to herd --so I'm herding leaves today.

I will make it about Jesus somehow. ;) Just a different kind of opportunity to practice the presence of God.


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