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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Now, back to our regularly scheduled blog ...

Yum. The tacos were good. I have baby-back ribs marinating for the evening ... not sure what DH is eating yet. I may grill her some "furgers" i.e. "fake burgers", meaning soy bean patties. The Boca Al-American Grilled Burgers are actually pretty tasty.

Today's tasks include designing two distinct post cards, one for each church, to be included in a Metropolitan Community Churches information bag o' goodies for several of the upcoming Pride events here in Michigan.

MCCDetroit has a wonderful rainbow-colored postcard that says on the front: GAY, God Adores You. Wish I'd thought of that one. Map and contact info on the back.

The MCC in Ann Arbor has a flower-filled flyer that says "God loves Pansies" in great, big letters. Then a list in smaller font down the page: "And Drag Queens. And Leathermen. And Dykes on Bikes" and so on and so on ... I think that is rather creative, myself. I like that.

I want something classy looking that captures attention ...

Pray for me!


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