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Monday, October 23, 2006

She was beautiful ... inside and out

I, my DH and my DH's brother Mr. B flew out Friday morning to attend ONTL's [our niece the lawyer's] wedding in Kansas City. Other than a few stressful travel moments related to rapidly shifting flight times and flight numbers [our plans were changed for us 5 or 6 times by Delta and the airport] it was a really wonderful time.

ONTL is a beautiful young lady, body and soul. She's tall, dark, slim and brilliant, a regal queen in her white wedding gown. "I sing the body electric" as a phrase describes her perfectly. There's nothing she won't tackle, and 99% of the time she'll succeed. Her new husband [whom she been with for 7 years] is equally as intelligent, as fair complected as she is dark, possessed of all-american, boyish, deeply dimpled good looks topped by close-cropped red hair, as solid as she is willowy, as steady as she is quick-silver ... together they are thunder and lightning. Together they are breath-taking. Very complementary. Much to teach one another. They will change the world dramatically someday, somehow, I have no doubt --watch out!

The ceremony was awesome, done by a family friend and former pastor of the All-American who is a kindly pastoral man [Mr. B says "He smiles when he prays ..."]. My role was their unity ceremony, much more powerful than a few candles ... consisting of a beautiful wooden chest with an ornate lock and two skeleton keys, a very good bottle of wine, love letters they have written to one another, letters written to them by their families, tokens of love they have exchanged through the years, all locked away in a beautiful chest. The idea is that, if/when they find their marriage challenged, they will ask themselves if they need to open the chest to remember why they are married in the first place. They will sit down together, enjoy the bottle of wine, read the letters, release the power of their exchanged tokens and recapture their joy and reason for being husband and wife. The keys were presented to their mothers, so they will have to ask for help if that time ever comes. And if it doesn't ... well then, they get to reopen the chest on their silver anniversary. We kept all of this secret from everyone until it happened, although it would have been kind for me to warn All-American's uncle, who sang "You Raise Me Up" [the Josh Groban song] while they were sealing the chest and presenting the keys, so that he would have to sing through his tears ...

Then we partied! Oh did we party! All-American's family owns a catering business among their endeavors, so we were well feasted. DH and I, as old and decrepit as we both were feeling, danced the night away together, full speed ahead and damn the opinion-torpedos, double-two and disco, 3-step and swing ... My DH was absolutely gorgeous herself, and I feasted my eyes on her almost as much as on ONTL. She was actually headache-free and her troublesome knee was co-operative, so she danced freely and fluidly. I simply fall in love with DH all over again when I watch her dance.

In our evening attire, we walked back through downtown KC the two blocks back to our hotel from the reception at about 11:45 am to get packed up and prepared to fly out ... we were in bed by 12:30a because we had to arise at 4:30a to get to KCI by 6a so we could get on our 7:20a flight.

Yesterday evening I was a zombie. Couldn't even stay awake to watch the Tigers defeat the Cards ...

Today, unfortunately, I am still a bit of a zombie ... and have some respiratory issues to boot. But work calls and duties beckon. DH has just returned from a job interview, so I am going downstairs to find out what happened.


  • At 9:46 AM , Blogger Reverend Dona Quixote said...

    And by the way, for you preacher types that are always looking for new ideas, ONTL and All-American found that idea on this website,, by by Massachusetts JP & Notary Public
    Carol J. Merletti


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