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Monday, October 16, 2006

11 Days Since ...? Wow!

Yikes. It has been a long, long time since I last posted anything.

Where have I been? I have, besides the usual routine of preparing for worship ... worked on my income tax, that I am finishing today, which necessitated a thorough cleaning/reorganizing of my office [10 medium bags full of shredded paper for fire starting] ... did a Holy Union for a very special couple at one of my churches ... went to a same-sex marriage forum in the Thumb ...
visited two congregants who were in the hospital ... hosted one of our denominational evangelists and her partner [oooh, but they were such a blessing!!!!]

I have managed to read through some of the revgalblogpals blogs, however, from time to time and once again I must express my gratitude to this online community for expanding my spirit ... as well as feeding, airing and watering my mind when the numbers get to be too much ...

And, right now, the numbers ARE getting to be too much ... and I am not just talking about my taxes either! Which I need to get to ... right now!

More later ...


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