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Friday, April 06, 2007

How I Awakened Today

It's about 8:00 am in the RDQ-DH household.

DH is snoring softly ... or maybe it's the Aussie Angel at the foot of the bed.

RDQ is finishing up yet another dream where one of her ministry mentors is trying to tell her something, but she remains clueless at this point.

She comes to the surface of sleep's blessed ocean, notes that her back is hurting and flops on her other side. She dives again into sleep's depths ...

Or tries to.

When RDQ flopped, she nudged the sleeping Cat, an unforgivable sin in his haughty feline opinion.

Pooter rises, stretches, walks along RDQ's legs to her waist and protests.


One of RDQ's baby blues pops open. "Pooter. Shut up."

Pooter, like many cats, has An Extremely High Opinion Of Himself. Weighing in at 16 pounds, He Is A Cat Of Substance and therefore Not To Be Deterred. He climbs up onto RDQ's hip, enthroned in tabby splendor.


RDQ does a minor, yet effective, hippy, hippy shake and cat has to dethrone. "Pooter, get your fat furry ass off of me."

Pooter parks himself directly in RDQ's face: "MEOW!!!"

Peeyew, fish breath. How appropriate for Good Friday!

And fish breath bad enough to wake the dead --how appropriate for Easter!


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