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Thursday, March 15, 2007

It's gonna be OK

Just for grins, I opened a bottle of second batch homebrew today, on day six of the bottle conditioning process, just to see if it is carbonating.

It is!!!!! Popped the cap and received that tell-tale hiss, music to a brewmistress' ears. Poured it into a glass and, even only on day six, was rewarded with a decent head of foam.

Tastes [of course I had a sip or two] like a cross between Guinness and black coffee. Decided next time I do this recipe, I'll add a cup of local Michigan honey as well as the brown sugar the recipe calls for. The flavor is a bit thin, and I think the honey will add some complexity.

Put the rest as a marinade on my chicken wings.

And now, I get to turn my attention to worship preparation and the Story of the Prodigal Family, to borrow a concept from ReverendMother as she posted on Tuesday's Lectionary Leanings.


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