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Monday, April 09, 2007

RDQ Goes To Washington Part 2 [Deux]


Just received an e-mail from one of the organizers for the HRC Clergy Call For Justice introducing all of the Michigan participants to each other and sharing e-mail addresses so we can become acquainted with one another before the lobbying day. There are six of us so far; I know 3 out of the 5 others already. There are 2 lay people and 4 clergy, 2 UCC, 1 MCC, 1 Episcopalian who works for the American Friends Service Committee [Quaker Peace and Justice organization, by way of brief, over-simplified explanation] and 2 I'm not certain yets. 2 female, 4 male. One 20 something, two 30 somethings, one 40 something [me] and two I dunnos. The 4 I know are caucasian.

I think registration for the event is still open if anyone is interested.

Additionally, Ms. Organizer also said that they were in the process of making the appointments for us to meet with our Congressional delegations. That means that, hopefully, they'll be expecting us and make time to sit down and talk with us.

I have lots of homework to do around hate crimes and non-discrimination legislation between now and then.


  • At 4:58 PM , Blogger Rainbow Pastor said...

    Exciting, exciting!

    We expect full details on a daily basis.

    A friend of mine recently did a lobbying day with HRC, and he and his partner took their 8 year old son-the youngest lobbyist!


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