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Friday, July 13, 2007

F5: Harry Potter or Anything But ...

Although I enjoy reading the Harry Potter books, I've never seen any of the movies and I don't think I am quite the fan that many of the RGBPs are, so I am answering the "Anything But" F5 option. Thanks Reverend Mother for doing double duty ...

1. Former U.S. First Lady "Lady Bird" Johnson died this week. In honor of her love of the land and the environment, share your favorite flower or wildflower.
My favorite wildflower: bluebonnets, hands down

2. A man flew almost 200 miles in a lawn chair, held aloft by helium balloons. Share something zany you'd like to try someday.
I want to do some storm-chasing, which my partner and many people I talk to think is pretty zany.

3. Do you have an iPhone? If not, would you want one?
No. And more no ... that might just be way too dangerous for my inner geek.

4. Speaking of which, Blendtec Blenders put an iPhone in one of their super-duper blenders as part of their "Will It Blend?" series. What would YOU like to see ground up, whizzed up or otherwise pulverized in a blender?
Some flyers I've seen recently ... I'm not going to write more, because I am trying to keep this light today.

5. According to News of the Weird, a jury in Weld County, Colo., declined to hold Kathleen Ensz accountable for leaving a flier containing her dog's droppings on the doorstep of U.S. Rep. Marilyn Musgrave, apparently agreeing with Ensz that she was merely exercising free speech. What do you think? Is doggy doo-doo protected by the First Amendment?
Angel, my Aussie, thinks so. Pooter and Corky the cats demand equal protection for the contents of their catbox ... and what about bird poop?


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