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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Random Catch Up Musings

It's been a heckuva week since I blogged last ... here's some random catch-up thoughts.

The memorial service for the congregant who died very suddenly and very unexpectedly went well, although the whole thing felt unusually odd for me. Usually I do some of my best work at funerals and memorials and I am fully comfortable throughout the process, but this time there was this tiny nagging sense of the weird that was beyond only the suddenness of the death. Then I finally figured out what the "weird" was --I haven't held a memorial for an actual congregant in about a decade. Lots of funerals and memorials for relatives of congregants, even a few for my own relatives, but not congregants themselves, mostly because most MCC people tend to be baby-boomers. It was weird to have actually known the person whose life I was celebrating.

DH had an electromyelogram [EMG] down at the VA in Ann Arbor. That's the test where they stick electrically charged needles in appropriate extremities to measure nerve trauma and so forth. Despite the needles, DH found the experience very affirming, particularly since, for the first time in her life, someone appears to have successfully identified the source of her chronic headaches. The full diagnoses I can't even spell, much less pronounce [the Doc wrote it out for her on a post-it note] but suffice it to say that her C6 and C7 are bulging, her neck bones are shaped like this, \ , when they should be shaped more like this, ( , and she has a trigger point in her occipital region which creates spasms and pain in the muscles that stretch over her skull. Since DH would like to work as long as possible, and hence avoid much use of narcotics, the doc has prescribed physical therapy, particularly manual traction. Unfortunately, DH hasn't figured out yet how to make PT work in her job schedule, which starting in October becomes more challenging than usual since she'll be in a training class for two months in big south east city.

There was lots to do last week, there's lots to do this week, including a board meeting tonight, shopping for a 21st century PC for one of the churches [the one I am typing this on is still running Windows 98, has 9 gig of memory and 256 of ram] a meeting Thursday evening and a luncheon Friday in big southeast city. [Fortunately, Rainbow Pastor is offering hospitality at her place --many thanks, RP]. I'm also working on a 360 review for a friend [thankfully that's almost finished] and trying to work out airfare and other arrangements for my sister to visit me.

Why does September go from 0 to 90 mph in a matter of seconds ...?


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