The Quixotic Pastor

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Woman Talk

This morning I had a Hot Flash. Oh ... Crap. [Not what I wanted to say.] I had visions of Joan of Arc and spontaneous combustion. At least it was mercifully brief.

Aunt Flo is here for her usual, every 28 day, very regular visit [there for awhile she arrived 15 minutes before the 11 am service every fourth Sunday --that was truly a pain in the anatomy] and I suppose that MAY have something to do with it.

I'm hoping that's it.

Surely I'm not really old enough to be menopausal --or even peri-menopausal. In fact, today I was carded when I bought a 6-pack of beer ... so that couldn't possibly be it. Right?


[ahem] RIGHT?

Please tell me that I don't have to read up on Croning ceremonies yet.


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