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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Under the Christmas Tree ... so far

Well, I know I got one of my Christmas wishes, in several different boxes under the tree, although I have no clue exactly what is there, what it looks like and how exactly it's supposed to operate. I was told not to touch any of the packages, especially the really odd shaped one, because there's breakables.

It's what I have been calling an "adult" science kit, thanks to one of Lutheran Chik's blogs. I think I got a beer brewing kit! Yippeee!!!! Then I can make "Pastor's Pentecost Pilsner", or perhaps a "Paschaltide Porter", brewed with "holy spirit hops", "blessed barley" and other secret ingredients --watch out, Belgian monks! I actually have my own label for these types of things, from the Christmas I sent out home-canned "Rev. ____'s Tongues of Fire: Pentecostal Peppers" and "Sanctified Salsa", all ingredients from the last time I was actually able to have a garden.

I have to find all of those Groelsch bottles I drained at great sacrifice to myself, so they can be cleaned, sanitized and reused. I may have to drain some more, doggone it. I also have to find the similar bottles that DH brought back from Germany that she also drained at great sacrifice to herself. They have to be the kind of bottles that have the little ceramic reusable caps on them, with the rubber gaskets.

Vacation between Christmas and New Years may be more fun than I anticipated.

Meanwhile, I have an entirely different kind of beverage machine under the tree for DH, as well as some really fun and fashionable accessories for the absent-minded wearer of reading glasses, since she's lost her glasses a lot lately. I've been threatening to get her a "little old lady" gold chain, but I found some which are actually fashionable for the under 70 set. Also there's some really good jewelry deals at one of our local department stores, so I may round out her gifts with earrings or a bracelet. [DH doesn't read my blog, so I am free to say these types of things.]

One evening this week, DH and I have to go shopping for her mom because she needs a new recliner and we're going to get her one. Since she very often sleeps in her chair at night, it's a very important thing that she have a good one.

I guess I am finally beginning to feel a little of the Christmas spirit.


  • At 6:28 PM , Blogger TheoOnTapintheBurg said...

    Oh, did you get the beer brewing kit? How exciting! Mr. Burg and I are huge beer fans (as if the blog name didn't give that away!) but haven't gotten into brewing yet. I'd love to hear how it goes.

    Hope you had a good Christmas.

  • At 6:13 AM , Blogger Reverend Dona Quixote said...

    Yes, indeed, I got it! Been reading up on the subject. Trying to figure out where in the house is the best place to bottle-condition the beer. Depends on whether it's a lager or an ale. Lagers require temps of 65-75 F. Ales 45-55 F ---or is it the other way around? Hmmmm ...

  • At 4:09 PM , Blogger TheoOnTapintheBurg said...

    Oh, how wonderful! I hope you will enjoy the brewing process. It seems a bit complicated and keeping temps. What style to you plan to make first?


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