The Quixotic Pastor

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

It's Not True

Here all this time, for the past 25 years, I always thought that when I sang pitches above the staff, I could peel the wallpaper off the walls.

Well I tried it today ... and my high A didn't remove any wallpaper.

Didn't shatter any glass either.

So I am removing the 70's Era Bad Acid Trip Paisley wallpaper in our foyer the old fashioned way, with a scraper and a solution of hot water and fabric softener in an old Aqua Net pump hairspray bottle.

I am also listening to some of my old LP's on the stereo. LP's, for those of you under 30 who might be reading this blog, are record albums, made of vinyl of one kind or another, played on a turntable, one sort of like what hiphop artists use, but not quite. I have the stereo cranked way up, and I'm singing along with some of my favorite artists from the 70's while I am removing the 70's wallpaper.

So ... what are you all doing to recover from Holy Week/Easter?


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