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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Some of our Pets

This is my cat Pooter.

We call this position "doin' the whale" as in, "Pooter looks like a beached whale."

His belly is as soft and warm as it looks.

Yes, Pooter is a Fat Cat. He has quite the personality. He Thinks More Highly Of Himself Than He Ought.

For that reason, I am really hesitant to get him started blogging. He is really vocal enough already.

This is Angel the Aussie, as in Australian Shepherd. She also is very vocal, but at least she is far more humble than Pooter [although that is not saying much.] Her eyes are really a very lovely golden tawny color instead of the nasty red we see in this photo.
Angel is a killer of rabbits and chaser of squirrels.
Notice how possessive she is of the rawhide bone under her paw.


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