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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I didn't mean to sound whiny

Since the software system I work on at work is waaaay down, a serious crash, I have extra time in my day.

To offset what might be received as the whininess of my last post, I ought to say that I am GLAD that ...

... I am the pastor to a small, yet wonderful community of people to whom it is my privilege to teach the Bible to this evening. We're finishing up a unit on "where the Bible came from" in which they get to learn how the Bible came to be.

... my partner DH still loves me --February next year will be our tenth anniversary.

I think in general I'm just experiencing a little "middle-aged" crazy right now. A real honest to God day off will help --and soon I will get one. think I'll find someone to preach for me on a Sunday soon, so I can take the weekend to putter around the house and do small things that give me joy, like simple yardwork and simple repairs --or maybe DH and I will escape somewhere closeby for a weekend.

I have been thinking about decorating my cubie here at work since it appears I may become more of a permanent fixture around here than I first anticipated. There will be many prayer texts and my own personal iconography, as well as pictures of DH and I together, which should generate some interesting questions, discussions and stories. But I haven't had the time at home to select what I want. This weekend, which is anticipated to be a rainy one, will be a good time for that.


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