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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Yes, I Am Alive And Well

Hi all!

It has been nearly 3 months since I have blogged --so sorry to have dropped off the face of the earth virtually speaking, and thanks to those who expressed concern.

I really miss the RGBPs, and occasionally I do get to check in. But, although I am still preaching every Sunday, I have been taking Saturday as my day off sacrosanct --which means I typically do not get on the PC. At all. Imagine.

The insurance company associated with Faux Bavarian City in SE Michigan hired me away from the temp agency I was working for, so I spend my days in the office here in the Land of Lutherans, staring at not one, but two PC screens. I am well paid, have excellent benefits, but continue to be somewhat amblivalent about working in corporate america/Korporat Amerika again.

I come out one person at a time, speaking of my partner, and so far no one has turned a hair. I even told my boss' boss that I am a clergyperson in the first Christian denomination to welcome LGBT persons as well as a LGBT activist and and would be interested on working on a team to build diversity if that were ever an option here, and just received a big smile.

One of the really interesting things about working at my secular job is that, no matter how increasingly polarized our US culture becomes, people here seem pretty well to check their politics and religion at the door, and focus on the business and its needs. There's not even that much gossip, nor a whole lot of personal inquiries.

My little church keeps on keeping on. What has been a particular joy to me is the Wednesday evening Adult Christian Ed class we began in April. We looked at "Where Did The Bible Come From" first, then next the Seven I Am Statements of Jesus from the Gospel of John, and now we are reading and discussing together C S Lewis' The Great Divorce.

I have a few unbloggable things going on having to do w/ DH's job and some personal stuff, which consumes a great deal of my time for reflection and prayer. Someday perhaps, I will be able to share more fully, but not now. It is neither bad nor good, it just is unbloggable.

And now I am at the end of my lunch 45 minutes, so need to get back to work. Grace and peace to you if you are reading this!



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