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Friday, February 06, 2009

Friday Five: My Favorite Things

Songbird from the Revgalblogpals shares this affirming Friday Five:

"In a week of wondering how various things in our family life will unfold, I found myself thinking of the way Maria comforted the Von Trapp children in one of my favorite movies. Frightened by a thunder storm, the children descend upon her, and she sings to them about her favorite things, taking their minds off the storm. So, let's encourage ourselves. Share with us five of your favorite things. Use words or pictures, whatever expresses it best."

Heh heh. It would be fun to revisit this F5 in about 6 months and see how my answers are different. But today, here's what I say.
1. Several days of sunshine after dark, dreary, gloomy days

2. The prospect of warmer temps and --dare I say it? early spring rains? [Naaawww, can't be, that's just wishful thinking in Michigan in February ...]

3. Easter. Easter I live for, Christmas I live through ...

4. DH and my 10th anniversary is the week after next. Wow ...

5. The desire for green, growing things and dreams of gardening.


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