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Friday, February 09, 2007

It May Be Worse Than Crack

Some person over in the Desperate Preachers discussion forum mentioned that the Lutherans Online website has a Fun and Games page [whooda thunk it] with a really cool online, free sudoku on it, [Why, o why won't blogger let me paste the link in a more elegant manner ...?]

I ventured forth ... and now I am hooked. It once took me 3 days to complete correctly a 5 star puzzle, the most difficult. Now I Lutheran Sudoku almost daily ...

God, help me!


  • At 9:23 AM , Blogger Tom in Ontario said...

    I became hooked on Sudoku puzzles back in the fall. I'll try to resist going to that link. The Sudoku puzzle magazine at home takes enough of my time already.

    Happy puzzling.


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