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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

zucchini, broccoli, and cucumbers --oh my!

One of my congregants has a large garden and has blessed me with scads of fresh produce.

The tomatoes are ripening in the window. These we'll eat in slices ... with salt and pepper or creole seasoning ... when they're a tad more ripe.

But what about the zucchini, broccoli and cukes? More than any two people, DH and me, can eat?

Well, there are several large zukes suitable for grating into freezer bags in 2 cup portions for zucchini bread, in the winter when turning on the oven is a good thing. This I will do.

I'll probably deep fry some of the smaller ones. Yum. Some may go into a salad for tomorrow night's dinner, sliced, raw.

As for the broccoli, some will be steamed as a part of tonight's dinner --the rest I will prepare and freeze tomorrow.

The cukes are just screaming to be made into refrigerator pickles ... or maybe into canned pickles. I have the jars, I have the grape leaves --pickling spice for brine can be picked up at our local grocers. I even have white vinegar, that I purchased to clean the coffee maker, but cukes/pickles are more important.

Of course, there's always cuke and onion salad ... and cucumbers and yogurt.

And there's always the opportunity to share with others just as these were shared with me ...

What would you do with these fruits of the earth, the yield of God's hand?


  • At 2:39 PM , Blogger Rainbow Pastor said...

    Oh the memories, RDQ.

    When I was first pastoring the small rural churches, I was warned to always leave my car windows up in the summer, never down, when the car was parked at the churches or the parsonage. Why? Because otherwise I would come outside to a backseat full of produce. Especially zucchini, my least favourite vegetable.

    I passed my extras on, too.


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