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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

MLK Day and other thoughts

I am spending a good portion of my day today thinking about two events: worship this Sunday and a panel discussion in which I am participating as a part of a MLK Day celebration in an upscale, heavily conservative, mostly republican suburb of Detroit.

I'm not too sure yet how much those two events will be resonating with one another.

The panel discussion is a part of this workshop, entitled: Inclusive Justice: LGBTQ People in Faith Communities, Schools & History.

"If you identify as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer or as a Straight Ally and want to learn about supportive faith communities, school groups or organizations, or if you are a Parent looking for resources to support your child or simply interested in learning about the amazing contributions of LGBTQ people throughout history come to this safe space. This session is limited to 20 participants so pre-registration is required and kept confidential. Questioning and Straight Allies welcome. Facilitated by staff, volunteers and clergy of the American Friends Service Committee's Inclusive Justice and Faith Action Network Program."

It's the first time that anything quite like this has been offered in this particular community. So I get to talk about supportive faith communities, and an alternate Christian prospective on homosexuality that differs from the witness offered by some Christian conservatives, especially the ones in this particular locale, who actively work to silence voices different from their own.

I'm sort of a lesbian Christian clergy poster child, a role I actually relish, most of the time. It is very much in keeping with one of the themes of the gospel reading for this week's lectionary --"come and see."


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