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Friday, January 04, 2008

Where have I been?

Well, like many of you, I have been doing holiday related things.

Additionally, the work for Creating Change 2008 is really picking up now that there's only 30 days until launch.

Next week I start job hunting in earnest.

I still have my end of year/beginning of the year church responsibilities. And Wednesday I purchased a new PC for my church, that brings us from the previous millenium [Windows 98 world] into the new millenium [Windows Vista world.] So I have been getting that set up.

In the meantime, my sinuses are agonizing and my SAD has really got me down.

I realized during a wakeful moment last night that there are legs on the travel through the journey of life where and when there's just no easy way to get through "it," whatever "it" is.

Sometimes, one has to walk through the mud --the kind of mud I grew up with in and around the DFW area on the Blackland Prairie. My daddy used to call it "black gumbo" because it had the consistency of a thick dark sticky roux and one of the things that grew best in it was okra. When you walked through it, it would stick to your shoes and your feet would get heavier and heavier and your steps slower and more labored.

Sometimes, one has to fly through LaGuardia, Logan, LAX, Atlanta --those airports famous for delays. Sometimes, no one's flying at all, if the coniditions are "wrong."

Sometimes, all one can do is just wait for things to dry up, or melt, or become clear, and just keep doing the best one can.


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