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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Creating Change Did, Part 1

Create change, that is.

It has taken about 3 days for my head to stop exploding with the ideas and concepts to which I was exposed.

There for awhile I thought I would never make it there. DH's estranged father passed away the week before last, and, although she felt uncomfortable about going, we did indeed attend the funeral last Tuesday. [The ELCA pastor did a very nice job with that, by the way.] That put me behind in my preparations.

Then, a 13 inch snowfall created almost blizzard-like conditions so that I was unable to drive down Wednesday. I was really bummed out about that because I did so want to attend the all-day institute on faith-based organizing that took place the following Thursday. Fortunately, I know someone who was present for that event, so I'm hoping I can have a conversation with her about what she learned.

By the way, a huge shout-out to Rainbow Pastor, who let me crash at her place throughout this event, which was part of the fun. She provided me a bed and I provided her with transportation, since her car was having issues. I met some of her friends too --that was cool. They are awesome people.

I was part of a presentation team Friday morning, then filled in at the last minute as one of the presenters for the workshop I wanted to attend, on the non-violent method of communication called LARA --Listen, Affirm, Respond, Add On-- developed by Bonnie Tinker [the Executive Director of Loves Makes A Family] and others. I had had some training in the method, but wanted more ... well, I certainly got it! Some good ole' OJT.

Friday evening, I worshipped at a Shabbat led by members of one of Detroit's local reconstructionist temples --that was also an awesome experience.


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