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Friday, February 13, 2009

Sophia shares this Memorable Pet Friday Five:

"My son's tiny beloved lizard, Elf, is looking and acting strange this week. His skin/scales are quite dark, and he is lethargic. We are adding vitamin drops to his lettuce and spinach and hoping and praying that he is just getting ready to shed his skin--but it's too soon to tell. Others in the ring have also been worried about beloved pets this week. And, in the saddest news of all, Songbird has had to bid farewell to her precious Molly, the amazing dog who is well known to readers of her blog as a constant sacrament of God's unconditional love. So in memory of Molly, and in honor of all the beloved animal companions who bless our lives: tell us about the five most memorable pets you have known."

1. Pooter. He walked into my kitchen 17 years ago and since then we've been inseparable. He is the most affectionate cat I have ever known. He even comes when he is called [unless he is eating.] He likes to drink beer out of my guests' glasses when we're not looking. Pooter is a character!

2. Angel. My friend found Angel on I-35 near Denton Texas and saved her from certain death. Lou advertised for the owner, but when one was not found, Angel became mine, not because I like dogs, but because I had a fenced backyard. Angel has grown on me for 12 years, but DH really, really loves her. No matter where she is in the house, Angel can hear the sound of a piece of diced carrot or potato hitting the kitchen floor and will run to get it.

3. Ellie. I wish I could get to a pic of sweet Ellie, but I can't right now. Ellie was DH's dog, a dachshund something mix who was just so precious. Ellie was my favorite dog ever. She loved to curl up in your lap and be petted. Although she was about the same size as Pooter, she took up as much room in the bed as DH or I. Ellie crossed over that rainbow bridge about 3 years ago.
4. Deeogee. DH's sheltie, who was in my life for only about 2 years, but in DH's life for much longer. She was sooooo smart, and sooooo pretty. When the arthritis crippled her back legs, she was still so full of life and energy that DH ordered a doggie wheelchair for her --she was next to unstoppable when she got it. Deeogee crossed over in 2000, and is buried in a pet cemetary near Bowie, Texas.

5. Boy. Boy was DH's dad's "golden receiver". DH's dad never trained Boy, except to do his doggie dooties outside, and fed him pretty well only the leftovers from the restaurants he frequented. When Boy got to be too much for DH's failing and increasingly fragile dad, we took Boy. When we got him, he was about 25 pounds over weight, he was diabetic, he smelled to high heaven and his fur was matted with motor oil, grease and God knows what. We started with a tub bath ... then 6 to 8 weeks of a strict dog food only diet, lots of playful exercise with Angel, walks with the mamas made a new dog out of him. The early excesses of his life did get to him and his heart gave out --he crossed over in 2007.


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