The Quixotic Pastor

Friday, February 12, 2010

After a VERY Long Break ...

... I think it is time I started blogging again. Why?

One reason is that it appears that I have more to say than what I can say during my sermons and teaching time at church.

Another reason is that some people think that I am a gifted writer and that I have been neglecting that part of my identity and work.

A third reason is that progressive religious voices lack access to mainstream media and, hence, the public view of what Christianity is has been skewed toward a right wing agenda. Everyone who considers his or herself a religious progressive needs to begin shouting from the rooftops and demanding to be heard --that will not happen unless we take advantage of every opportunity that presents itself to proclaim the Gospel as we have experienced and understand it.

Perhaps the most compelling reason is that, in the current political climate in Michigan and the rest of the United States, the political and religious right is once against trying to consolidate their power by lying about, demonizing and creating baseless fears about LGBTQ persons. The best thing I know to do about that is to be out and proud about my faith, my sexual orientation, my life experience.

More later!