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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Would Jesus Discriminate?

Jesus MCC of Indianapolis, Indiana is stepping out in faith and stepping out into a second phase of this program, would Jesus discriminate? This is a co-operative project between my denomination, Metropolitan Community Churches, and Faith In America as well as Jesus MCC.

Last year, this brave congregation put out yard signs and billboards, wearables and bumpers stickers which read simply, "Would Jesus Discriminate?" and included their website where individuals to could go to find out more about a different biblical perspective for LGBT persons of Christian faith as well as discover faith communities in which GLBT persons are affirmed. They hosted a town hall style event to explain how the Bible actually does not condemn LGBT persons and that someone can be truly, authentically Christian, yet lesbian, gay, bi or transsexual.

However, this year, they have upped the ante a bit with some new and different billboards; the images and explanations of which you can view if you click on the link I included above. But here's one of the billboards ... just to pique your interest.

You might also be interested to know that Jesus MCC is experiencing some definite spiritual violence in response to their courageous action. Two of the billboards have been vandalized. One of the "Jesus affirmed a gay couple" billboards had the phrase "LIE, LIE, LIE" spraypainted in red across it's face. One of the "The early church welcomed a gay man" had the word "gay" torn out of it, but that one has since been repaired. Two congregants who were putting out yard signs reported being followed [stalked?] and having the yard signs they put out removed. There appears to be a well-organized covert campaign to sabotage the witness of Jesus MCC.

I would absolutely love to bring this campaign to my state ... but it would have to be a cooperative effort among many churches, with people willing to fund it and beat feet to accomplish it.


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