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Friday, March 09, 2007

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaack

Yes, I know it has been two entire weeks since I last blogged. [One of my congregants expressed concern --"should I be praying extra hard for you?" It is nice to be missed.]

It was a combination of several factors: illness, SAD, some extra church-related tasks and, on my days off, a certain revulsion about even looking at a computer screen, much less touching the keyboard. Instead I read detective novels --6 of them. Amanda Cross' Professor Kate Fansler and Rita Mae/Sneaky Pie Brown's Harry, Mrs. Murphy, Pewter and Tee Tucker.

Just to catch you all up, in no particular order:

**I know Spring will be here soon. Why? Because when I removed half an onion from the vegetable drawer in my refrigerator to make home-made soup [ooooh! That's what I'll have for lunch!] it had sprouted and begun growing. I almost hated to cut it up, my very first personal sign of Spring ... but, being hungry, I applied the knife ruthlessly.

**I have bottled my second batch of home brew, which looks like Guinness, at least in the secondary fermenter ... not sure what it will taste like yet. Won't know until at least the Feast of Annunciation, which just happens to be my birthday, and happens to be a Sunday. Maybe I'll rush things, and open a bottle on the Vernal Equinox [March 20]. Rainbow Pastor doesn't know this yet, but I'm bringing a couple of bottles to share with her at an upcoming event we both may be attending. Of course, I could really rush things and open a bottle on St. Paddy's Day --particularly since it does look like Guinness. And I do have green food color in the cupboard somewhere ...

**DH has found a permanent job closer to home, instead of the temporary job an hour's commute away! This is real important since she is having much difficulty with her neck right now, C5 through C7, and driving is one of the worst things she can do. We're celebrating this evening ...

**Some of you may be aware, since it made the national news, that there has been a school shooting in one of our Mid-Michigan communities, that I will label "Pleasantville," yes, after the movie. There's a person in my church, Zed, who is close to the brother of the girl who was shot. Please pray for Zed and the entire Pleasantville school community. God will know to whom and what you're referring ....


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